Timber Felling with Surefire Woodsman

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This Video Tutorial is specifically tailored towards cutting trees for building a comfortable wilderness camp.

STRONG WARNING: Viewers are fully responsible for their own actions.
This video provides professional tips on cutting trees for building a cabin, teepee, fence or firewood. It shows how to get the job done safer while also saving you time, money & energy. On a good day, felling trees is still risky business! You will see what to do when things go wrong, and; learn how to get out of jams!

Some of the skills that are detailed include:
•    cutting very large and small trees
•    creating escape routes
•    choosing certain types of face cuts and back cuts
•    forming the strap wood/hinge
•    using wedges
•    aligning cuts
•    changing a tree’s direction of lean
•    cutting a tree larger than your bar length
•    holding a tree in place while cutting
•    watching for hidden hazards,  widow makers, stump hops and/or rolls
•    bucking logs and relieving tension during bucking
•    avoiding split logs & barber chairs
•    moving logs in the field
•    rescuing your saw from a pinch, and;
•    spotting compromised wood in trees before you start cutting.

It will also show:
•    •    When to cut fast, when to cut slow and why
•    •    how to deal with wind thrown trees

The beneficial uses for this one resource (wood) are virtually limitless.
Putting it all together will open up a whole new world of possibilities, improve your chances of survival and make camp life a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Note; This is an intermediary video. It presumes you already know how to:
•    assess the situation for hazards before approaching the tree,
•    hang a plum bob to determine the trees direction of lean, and;
•    avoid a dangerous kickback.


Customer Review:

By splungecreek

This is the best information I've ever seen on chainsaw use and felling trees. I have always been amazed at the skill and confidence a good sawman/arborists displays in felling trees. Well, SurefireWoodsman shows you the secrets and common sense methods to felling trees yourself, with a focus on safety, and what's required to get the job done, and just as importantly, what to do when things don't go as planned. I strongly recommend you get his DVD's and share them with family and friends.

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