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Mobile Bug-Out Prototype * Leaving The City Behind


This video explains why bugging out might be necessary. A technology based society is fragile and encourages people to become dependent on the undependable.  Regardless of what type of problems arises, whether you bug in or bug out, people will require the same things in order to carry on. The thrust of this video shows how one might exist without a job, money, super markets or even a house, if certain preparations are made in advance.  

Crayfishing Secrets

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How to catch crayfish by trap, hand, net & pole.

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Video Description


Many people don't even know that Crays are plentiful in many rivers, lakes and streams. Find out for yourself out how much fun they are to catch and how good they are to eat.

39 Minutes

The video contains a multitude of scenarios showing how to:

catch big numbers and big fish with hard won tips and tricks; choose baits that work best; trap crays; build your own traps; net crays; choose the best fishing holes; keep crays fresh and alive; cook the best tasting crays for dinner; catch crays by hand; catch crays using a simple willow pole, and; take the kids fishing.

The Informed Woodsman

This Video Tutorial is specifically tailored towards Self-Reliance & Wilderness Survival.

Video Description

The Informed Woodsman offers a gold mine of hard earned knowledge and takes a different approach to self-reliance techniques, while sharing some of nature’s events that took place along the way.

To survive or become self sufficient in a wilderness environment, one needs to know what available materials are proper for making shelter, tools, weapons, cordage and comfort items. Learn to choose the best firewood for home, camp or emergencies and start fire in extremely wet conditions. This video teaches viewers the easiest way to identify and utilize many brush and evergreen tree species. 
To recognize, and use plants, moss and lichen for making bedding, toilet paper, insulation and medicinal remedies, as well as the use of burls for making bowls and utensils.
 Learn to make resin for patches, glue or sealant. Distinguish types of smoke wood for preserving meat.
Build a hunting blind or temporary shelter using only natural materials. This videos unique perspective has received praise from Master Hunting Guides, accomplished outdoorsmen, campers, craftsman and survivalists. Anyone who loves a challenge and the outdoors will enjoy this video.

Timber Felling with Surefire Woodsman

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This Video Tutorial is specifically tailored towards cutting trees for building a comfortable wilderness camp.

STRONG WARNING: Viewers are fully responsible for their own actions.
This video provides professional tips on cutting trees for building a cabin, teepee, fence or firewood. It shows how to get the job done safer while also saving you time, money & energy. On a good day, felling trees is still risky business! You will see what to do when things go wrong, and; learn how to get out of jams!

Some of the skills that are detailed include:
•    cutting very large and small trees
•    creating escape routes
•    choosing certain types of face cuts and back cuts
•    forming the strap wood/hinge
•    using wedges
•    aligning cuts
•    changing a tree’s direction of lean
•    cutting a tree larger than your bar length
•    holding a tree in place while cutting
•    watching for hidden hazards,  widow makers, stump hops and/or rolls
•    bucking logs and relieving tension during bucking
•    avoiding split logs & barber chairs
•    moving logs in the field
•    rescuing your saw from a pinch, and;
•    spotting compromised wood in trees before you start cutting.

It will also show:
•    •    When to cut fast, when to cut slow and why
•    •    how to deal with wind thrown trees

The beneficial uses for this one resource (wood) are virtually limitless.
Putting it all together will open up a whole new world of possibilities, improve your chances of survival and make camp life a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Note; This is an intermediary video. It presumes you already know how to:
•    assess the situation for hazards before approaching the tree,
•    hang a plum bob to determine the trees direction of lean, and;
•    avoid a dangerous kickback.


Customer Review:

By splungecreek

This is the best information I've ever seen on chainsaw use and felling trees. I have always been amazed at the skill and confidence a good sawman/arborists displays in felling trees. Well, SurefireWoodsman shows you the secrets and common sense methods to felling trees yourself, with a focus on safety, and what's required to get the job done, and just as importantly, what to do when things don't go as planned. I strongly recommend you get his DVD's and share them with family and friends.

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